June 7, 2023
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What 5-Star Support Really Means

When you reach out — you get superior support service experiences.
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PayTrace Client Services team delivers 5-star service throughout every support experience. But what does that mean? We asked PayTrace’s Director of Client Services, Justin Potter to weigh in.

Why does PayTrace claim excellence in support?

PayTrace partners with companies across industries to streamline payments and provide payment solutions. We work with merchants, as well as software developers and solution vendors. First thing is, we want you to be more than successful; we want you to be happy.

So, as a company, we are committed to providing the level of support needed to ensure those who implement our solutions never feel they’re alone. We’ve got your back, and help is always available. Email us anytime support@paytrace.com or call to talk with payment experts Monday through Friday, 5am-7pm Pacific at (888) 806 6545.

Secondly, we track our performance. We utilize third-party tools to track our first-call resolution rates and when we might see that number dip, we’re able to identify when it dips, who’s on those calls, and then bring those people back up to speed and the expertise level it takes to keep our standard our Service Level Agreements guarantee.

Can you give us an example of what you mean by SLA?

Yes, we answer live calls within 20 seconds. We don’t want to send you through a phone queue. So, we will connect you with experts right away.

Simply put, whoever you speak with and work with on our team is an expert. Team members who are new to our Client Services team train for weeks to understand our payments and processing products and services. They study until they know and understand our merchants’ core needs. They know our products and can provide clear, concise demos.

A huge differentiator with PayTrace 5-star support is that our team strives for 1st-call resolution. We work to get your question answered at a high level the first time. You get the help you came for and can quickly get back to your work. We also work to reduce any items that may inhibit our proven excellence at service, and we’re always learning and improving.

How do you know how merchants feel about support?

Our team’s professionalism, active listening skills, and ethical treatment of each caller have earned PayTrace accolades throughout both the merchant payments and fintech industries. Beyond that, we utilize Net Promoter Score feedback to continually adapt and improve our support services. And we’re also very proactive in asking for our clients’ feedback.

One of our favorite tools is the “Voice of the Customer” – where we reach out to merchants and send out surveys. We’ll ask what you like about the system, what you don’t like, and how we can improve. For instance, merchants didn’t like restrictions on browsers. We learned from that. We also updated our printers, all based on feedback. We listen. And we try to use the data that’s coming in and respond to get better and make our merchants happy.

Beyond first-call resolution, what are some other differentiators?

To me, I feel that our local client support matters. We’re proactive in assisting merchants. We’ve created a concise account training video that brings your team up to speed quickly.

(It’s hosted on our website vs. YouTube because we heard from some merchants, they had company restrictions about which websites they can visit – another example of your feedback put to work!)

We put a lot of effort into providing our team a supportive culture where they share and learn all the skills necessary to provide 5-star support. If I broke it all down, I’d say that the differentiating factors that contribute to our superior level of service include:

  • Responsiveness to client calls
  • Industry and product expertise
  • Accurate issue identification
  • Compassion, empathy, and friendliness
  • Proactive education and training
  • Efficient escalation paths
  • Being proactive with feedback, and
  • A commitment to a learning culture.

I’ve heard you retain a lot of industry expertise – what does that mean?

In Spokane, we’ve got a lot of blue-collar hard workers who are competitive folks. Our team has gone through a lot of team members, with 16 people who’ve come out of our Client Services department to advance in the company into other roles, including our ISV manager, developer support engineer, senior account executives, a sales trainer, dev-ops engineers, software test engineers, financial analysts, department manager, department leads, product analysts, and owners who are spread throughout the entire organization.

We have a proven track record of bringing in folks that have a competitive spirit who look to get better each day. They have a growth mindset and know they have to live up to the fantastic results we’re known by the industry to provide.

How can I contact PayTrace 5-star support?

A. We’re ready to work toward solutions. Our team is based in Spokane, WA and is available to help around the clock by email: support@paytrace.com

LIVE payments experts are available by phone Monday through Friday between 5am and 7pm Pacific at (888) 806 6545.

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