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PayTrace Power30: Selling B2B in a Virtual World

Selling payments turned on its head last year, and the fallout of the pandemic’s effects on the payment and fintech industries continue to make waves. How have you navigated the challenges of the past year?

Eric Jenks, PayTrace National Sales Manager, joins us to provide some perspective on what he’s heard from our sales partners, merchants, and industry connections. This breadth of input can help guide you into new waters of profitability – specifically with B2B merchants. Register for the July 8th Power30 webinar.

“B2B weathered the first quarter of 2020 pretty well and is historically more resilient than other industries,” Jenks said. “Virtual card spend in the B2B space is growing like crazy. In this webinar, we’ll go through some key ways you can make inroads in this new virtual world.”

Webinar details 
Thursday, July 8
10 AM Pacific
30 minutes

What you’ll learn

  • How B2B fared compared to other industries
  • Steps to make selling B2B easier and sustainable
  • Tools to enhance your B2B knowledge base
  • Virtual is leading, but in-person isn’t gone forever

The virtual world is still dominant, for the time being, but in-person sales and events are beginning to see momentum for the first time in a year.

We’ll also have a special guest for this Power30 – MWAA President Rod Katzfey! Rod joins us to share what you can expect at this regional conference, and what the landscape looks like for in-person events in 2021. Check out all the MWAA conference agenda on their website.

Eric and the PayTrace sales team recently ventured back into in-person regional trade shows, and will attend the Midwest Acquirers Assocation (MWAA) 2021 Conference. With a goal of sharing our B2B expertise with others, PayTrace is joining MWAA’s workshop schedule to discuss B2B selling in this predominantly virtual landscape.

Want to connect with PayTrace at MWAA? Get in touch with our Sales team before the event.

PayTrace’s live webinars are the secret sauce to growing your B2B portfolio. Our broadcasts will ignite your passion with insights from thought leaders throughout PayTrace and the payments industry.

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