December 29, 2020
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Two options for card-not-present transactions

PayTrace Payment Link and Protect

Cardholders are doubling down on card-not-present transactions in the wake of COVID-19, and PayTrace has solutions for many merchants needing simple ways of accepting credit cards online. 

Our internal data shows that card-not-present transactions continue to rise, and merchants are requesting digital solutions that are easy to implement and maintain. Reducing friction is an important aspect of digital payments, and is a key point our development team factors in when building new solutions. 

Learn about these new solutions in our newest video and in the accompanying text below.

PayTrace developed Payment Link specifically for small business owners who need an easy way to accept payments online. This solution uses an individual, secure payment link that can be emailed to cardholders to collect a payment. 

As with all PayTrace products, interchange optimization is built into Payment Link. This allows commercial credit cards to qualify for lower interchange rates. We’re the interchange optimization experts, qualifying Level 3 interchange transactions with 99% accuracy. Last year, we settled $19 billion on cards eligible for Level 2 and Level 3 interchange rates.

Protect, our hosted payment fields product, answers needs for medium and enterprise businesses that require a solution embedded into their customer checkout page. This solution enables merchants to control the checkout experience for their customers. It also adds PCI SAQ-A protection to every transaction. 

Using Protect, merchants can increase completed transactions, reduce cart abandonment rates, and build customer loyalty all with zero redirects. This API-based product opens the door for integrations with popular payment solutions like Salesforce, QuickBooks, NetSuite, and more. 

To start using Payment Link or Protect, contact our Sales team

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence payments, we’ll stay on top of market trends and keep you informed of best practices to help your business succeed and make merchants happy.

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