December 7, 2020
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Next steps for PayTrace legacy EMV

It's time to move to EMV 2.0
EMV 1.0

Note: This article updated to a product end-of-life notice on January 25, 2021.

PayTrace’s development team has been hard at work, continuing to build on our next-gen EMV product. With the release of PayTrace’s EMV 2.0 last year, it marked the beginning of a transition away from our original EMV solution.

Today, we’re announcing that our first-generation EMV product will be retired as of December 31, 2021.

Merchants using this legacy product can upgrade to our new EMV 2.0 solution. Read more about it below, visit our website, and connect with your account executive to get started.

Get started with EMV 2.0

Built on a diverse array of merchant feedback, our newest product – EMV 2.0, is a true plug-and-play omnichannel solution. It’s also on the API, so you can integrate other business products with EMV 2.0.

EMV 2.0 is faster, has a much better price point, is easier to set up, and includes features suggested by merchants. As a result, after several months on the market, merchant happiness is 4x greater compared to our first-generation product. Our EMV 2.0 solution is available for boarding on TSYS (and soon to be First Data), uses an IDTech Augusta device, in-house MagTek encryption, and removes Java frustrations. 

If you would like more info before contacting our sales team, visit our EMV 2.0 product page. Our Get EMV educational series has some videos and resources that can help you get started. We have lots of details on this new solution and hope you’ll give it a try. Merchants are thrilled with it. We think you’ll enjoy it, too. 

EMV 2.0 resources


Get EMV email / video series:

Order EMV 2.0 hardware:

Connect with Sales:

EMV 2.0 sales sheet:

While product changes aren’t always fun, we believe our new EMV 2.0 solution is an answer to sales partners’ requests. We value your input as we continue improving our payment gateway. Thanks for being part of this journey. 

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