July 3, 2018
• Power30
• Products & Innovation

New data protection for EMV devices

PayTrace solutions provide one of the industry’s most advanced EMV fraud protection tools. Consumer security is serious business. We’re continuing to reduce consumer fraud and data breaches by implementing the most recent PCI compliance guidelines.

PCI compliance guidelines have recently changed, requiring EMV devices to reboot every 24 hours.

To meet these new PCI requirements, PayTrace will automate the process for our EMV merchants, making it easy and transparent for merchants.

Beginning July 2, PayTrace will be implementing this new PCI requirement. Merchants with EMV devices will need to navigate to the EMV page to initiate the update. The one-time update to implement this change may take up to 15 minutes.

Following the update, each morning at 3:30am, the EMV device will automatically reboot if it is powered on. If an EMV device is powered off at that time, merchants may notice the device does an immediate reboot when first powered on the next day.

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