July 20, 2016
• Products & Innovation

New data center migration is complete

Dear PayTrace Partners,

PayTrace successfully transferred our servers last weekend, completing the 4th phase of an extensive infrastructure improvement project, the largest in our 10- year history. We apologize for any inconvenience and business disruption this data transfer may have caused on Saturday and Monday. We value your business and want to reassure you that our Technology team is continuing to carefully monitor all systems and are committed to hitting our 99% uptime.

We are continuing to innovate our systems and scale our infrastructure to better serve our rapidly growing portfolio of merchants. Today, we hope you’re noticing how fast the system reporting and transaction speeds are running. That’s a direct result of this infrastructure improvement.

PayTrace relies on our Partners, like you, to communicate with your merchant portfolios. As always, PayTrace took into consideration batch and settlement times in addition to transaction volume, before planning our maintenance window. It’s never an easy business decision to disrupt service and we strive to minimize the impact to merchants. That’s why sometimes these maintenance windows may have different days or times. Thank you again for working with us during these windows.

Our goal is to have happy merchants, be respectful of our partner relationships, and be responsive, while continuing to innovate. We value earning your trust and doing what is right. That’s what makes doing business with PayTrace different. We are sincerely interested in creating partnerships and invite you to reach out to us anytime. We may not get things right every time. However, we certainly are always interested in learning from challenges, growing and making improvements.

We’re in this together, and I want to personally thank you, our partners, for being on the front lines. We value you, and appreciate the work you do to help us reach our mutual business goals of improving our relationships with merchants.


Scott Judkins | Founder & CEO

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