August 20, 2019
• Products & Innovation

New card brand enhancements ready for roll out

At PayTrace we are always improving our product for our users and to comply with industry standards. Our team recently finished work on these enhancements and will fully roll out both features by the week of Aug. 26. With this in mind, some of our users may see a change around transactions involving credentials on file and the processing of refunds for Visa cards. You can find more information on these card network enhancements below.

Transactions with Credentials on File

Card networks are introducing a POS entry mode value required for transactions initiated using account credentials on file in a merchant’s consumer records. This enhancement is seamless and invisible to end users. A credential-on-file transaction is a transaction authorized by the cardholder for a merchant to store the cardholder’s account information to be used for billing later.

These kinds of transactions include recurring payments, e-commerce/MOTO transactions where the cardholder instructs merchants to use the card on file. Credentials-on-file may occasionally impact brick-and-mortar locations, in addition to travel and entertainment transactions.

Refunds on Visa cards

When running a refund, PayTrace users might see an approval or decline for their refund similar to their current sales transactions process. A “Purchase Return Authorization” enables a card issuer to authorize and validate a refund for a cardholder as well as identify if the account doesn’t exist or has been closed. At this time this feature is only available for Visa transactions, but we anticipate this will be a feature added for the other card types in the future.

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