October 9, 2023
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Meet up with PayTrace at October’s SuiteWorld in Vegas

Learn how to expand the power of PayTrace to Oracle NetSuite with integrated, intelligent B2B payments.
SuiteWorld flyer - Meet up with PayTrace at October’s SuiteWorld in Vegas

This October, at the annual SuiteWorld conference in Las Vegas, PayTrace leadership will be bringing merchants and resellers some great news. We’ll share the fastest way to revolutionize AR in NetSuite.

Let’s meet over coffee or tea.

Automated B2B payment acceptance & processing – from inside NetSuite?

With integrated PayTrace credit card and ACH acceptance and processing, merchants can digitize, streamline, and automate AR processes to save time, reduce errors, and slash costs. They’ll instantly simplify payment processes, send e-invoices, save big on credit card transaction fees, and seamlessly receive and process digital recurring payments – all directly within NetSuite.

Grow your business with automated, streamlined B2B payments. Our payment experts will show you how to save time and money and increase cash flow.

Why wait so long to get paid?

What merchants love most of all from working with PayTrace is struggling less with accounts payable and getting paid WAY more quickly. PayTrace automated payment workflows eliminate manual processes, improve customer experiences, and accelerate access to capital.

“PayTrace B2B Payments expedite access to cash by reducing DSO from 28 days down to same-day payments.”— Jason Rivera, VP of Sales

Here are four ways merchants benefit from the PayTrace solution and are only some of the fascinating topics our B2B experts are looking forward to discussing with you.

  1. PayTrace integration helps merchants provide buyers with self-service ways to pay bills via corporate credit cards, government payment cards, and ACH.
  2. Our solution reduces payment wait times from more than 28 days to one day. With 85% of PayTrace B2B payments received in less than 24 hours.
  3. All PayTrace B2B payments qualify for lower credit card transaction fees; we supply card companies with additional information on every transaction.
  4. When merchants can send e-invoices, accept and process credit card and ACH payments, and track payment status from within their ERP, they get paid faster and accelerate access to capital.

Why meet with us in person?

We are the most experienced and committed B2B payment experts in the country. It’s time we meet. Set up a time to get together in person while we’re in Vegas, and we’ll open your eyes to what PayTrace B2B payment integration in NetSuite can do for you. 

Meet our B2B payment experts in person.
Monday, October 16 – Thursday, October 19

(Coffee is on us!)

Not heading to Vegas? Reach out today.

SuiteWorld’s sold out. So, please everyone feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how PayTrace AR automation and e-invoicing solutions can help you save time, money, and effort.

Our B2B payment experts would love to talk with you about your unique needs and goals.

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