ISV Spotlight: Enliven

Simple things are often the best.

It’s at the core of what Enliven practices with their Fidesic software platform, simplifying merchants’ accounting practices. Each month, the company processes $250 million from their more than 40,000 invoices, with a near perfect level of customer satisfaction.

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Since acquiring the Fidesic platform in 2007, Enliven has helped merchants invoice customers directly from their accounting system. You won’t spend time tracking customers down, all you’ll need is a receipt from the transaction. It’s a simple idea: spend less time approving invoices and more time managing your business.

“Our system is designed to be super easy,” says Kevin Pritchard, Enliven Software Evangelist. “That’s what we focus on, is working with how ERP systems function by default, and then adding additional processes that come automatically.”

The Fidesic platform works with QuickBooks, and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Integrating with a new company can sometimes take months, depending on the software platform and the number of requirements needing to be met. With Fidesic, Pritchard says integrating into merchant systems can be a relatively simple process.

How do resellers react when they see the Fidesic platform? Pritchard notes that although he provides a demo of a financial services product, many customers realize the benefit that their service offers.

“People get genuinely excited when you show how it can make their lives easier,” he says.

Enliven provides their customers with strong customer support, product training, videos, user guides and demos that help guide new users through their technology, and also walk experienced users through any program updates. Receive a first-hand glimpse of this simple-to-use software in our next ISV Spotlight!

Join us for our next ISV Spotlight with Enliven, Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 11 a.m. Register online today!

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