April 6, 2020
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Integrated software solutions can expand your portfolio

Learn how you can build an irresistible sales package and add interchange optimization for B2B merchants using software integration.

Want to get to know our ISV partners but need some direction on which ones to pursue? We have you covered.

Throughout the past few months, our ISV and Marketing teams have built up a helpful library of videos featuring our ISV partners. Starting with some of our new integrations, these short ISV Spotlight videos provide a quick peek at how sales partners can build an impressive sales deck, add interchange optimization to new platforms, and sign more B2B merchants.

Check out our current videos and how they can help your B2B merchants grow their portfolio.


One of the leading e-commerce solutions available in the market, 3dcart makes it easy for merchants to add shopping cart functionality to their website. Their simple interface allows merchants of any size to quickly add e-commerce to their online presence.

Chargent by AppFrontier

This native Salesforce integration is one of the highest-rated payments apps on the AppExchange. Merchants can start qualifying Level 3 transactions in Salesforce, taking advantage of PayTrace’s quality data. They’ll collect payments faster and have greater flexibility and control over their billing procedures.

Sage Intacct, powered by Venn Technology

Provide your merchants with access to Sage Intacct through this highly customizable solution. Venn Technology automates your merchants’ manual accounting practices to eliminate money left on the table and cut down on waste. It’s time to break away from siloed information and make data accessible company-wide.

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