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EMV 101: PayTrace EMV 2.0

PayTrace EMV 2.0 helps merchants accept secure payments using a keyboard emulation reader to quickly accept card-present transactions. We’ve removed friction at key points to make this an easy-to-use, turnkey product that makes accepting EMV transactions twice as fast. With the added benefit of interchange optimization, our EMV 2.0 solution impacts merchants in several industries.

API capability is a major component of this new product, and expands potential integrations to all of our current and future software partners, enabling you to add EMV to any aspect of your business.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Target markets for EMV 2.0
  • Hardware and technical specs
  • How to sell EMV 2.0
  • How EMV 2.0 differs from our legacy solution

Register for EMV 101 to learn about this exciting new addition to the PayTrace product lineup and continue delighting merchants. 

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