B2B 103 – Developing a Winning B2B Demo

Join us Tuesday, February 15 at 11 AM Pacific. Make a splash with your next customer demo using PayTrace’s winning expertise. ‘B2B 103 – Developing a Winning B2B Demo’ is the third course in PayTrace’s B2B series. This course builds on our past B2B courses and takes you through a key step in the selling […]

Maintaining Cardholder Security

You are already using one of the industry’s most advanced payment gateway and fraud protection tools. PayTrace is always working to improve data security, protecting cardholders and merchants from fraudulent transactions. Each year, we conduct rigorous audits related to the security of cardholder data. During a recent internal audit, we discovered that a few merchants […]

Next steps for PayTrace legacy EMV

EMV 1.0

Note: This article updated to a product end-of-life notice on January 25, 2021. PayTrace’s development team has been hard at work, continuing to build on our next-gen EMV product. With the release of PayTrace’s EMV 2.0 last year, it marked the beginning of a transition away from our original EMV solution. Today, we’re announcing that […]

Sales 103 – Succeeding with professional offices

Grow your portfolio with professional offices. Learn a few successful techniques for getting your foot in the door. Professional offices are often fast-paced environments that need solutions to optimize their efficiency. This is where PayTrace can increase payment performance. During this course you will learn:  – the features professional offices have come to love and expect  – how to […]

PayTrace Power30: Interchange optimization and statement analysis

Finding interchange savings has never been easier. James Shepherd, CEO of CCSalesPro and ISO Amp, joins our next Power30 live web event. PayTrace is partnering with ISO Amp to deliver ISOs access to interchange quote tools, making it easier to show merchants the power of interchange optimization. ISO Amp debuted earlier this year, using PayTrace […]

PayTrace Power30: EMV and more on API

We made EMV easier than ever for developers to build card-present solutions for B2B merchants. You can learn all about it in our upcoming PayTrace Power30 live event, featuring our in-house integration team. With the new addition of our EMV 2.0 solution to our API, merchants can benefit from card-present commercial card transactions and qualify […]