Sales 103 – Succeeding with professional offices

Grow your portfolio with professional offices. Learn a few successful techniques for getting your foot in the door. Professional offices are often fast-paced environments that need solutions to optimize their efficiency. This is where PayTrace can increase payment performance. During this course you will learn:  The features professional offices have come to love and expect  How to position your […]

Sales 106: PayTrace Tools – Payment Link and Recurring Billing

Today’s digital payments world requires merchants to deliver simple payment options. PayTrace has key features that allow merchants to collect payments in a secure, timely fashion while delivering the added convenience of remote payments. Webinar info: Thursday, January 19th 9 AM Pacific 30 minutes Payment Link by PayTrace is a simple, secure way for merchants […]

API 101 – Introduction to Payment Integrations

Graphic of circuit board and computers

Software integrations through PayTrace can enhance your merchants’ experience and lead to greater revenue. It’s all made possible through our robust API, which enables you to provide merchants with a wide array of gateway features. Webinar info: Friday, January 13 11 AM Pacific 30 minutes A few things you can expect from this course include: […]

Bringing joy and cheer for the 2022 holiday season

The 2022 holiday season has arrived and we’re all the more thankful for our network of 300+ sales partners, dozens of software partners, and a growing segment of merchants processing directly with us. Thanks for sticking with us as we grow in our partnership with North American Bancard and as we build out the future […]

B2B Bootcamp

PayTrace’s B2B Bootcamp is an overview of the B2B payment landscape. Throughout this course, you’ll learn what’s most important to B2B merchants. Sam Johnson, Senior Sales Trainer at PayTrace, will deliver tools you can use to make it easier to land B2B accounts for your portfolio. He’ll also share proven methods of prospecting and generating […]

B2B 103 – Developing a Winning B2B Demo

Make a splash with your next customer demo using PayTrace’s winning expertise. ‘B2B 103 – Developing a Winning B2B Demo’ is the third course in PayTrace’s B2B series. This course builds on our past B2B courses and takes you through a key step in the selling process: hosting a customer demo. Building an engaging demo […]

B2B 102 – Finding Success in Untapped Markets

Join us Tuesday, November 15 at 10 AM Pacific ‘B2B 102 – Finding Success in Untapped Markets’ is the second course in a new series titled ‘B2B’. This course will take the information we gathered in the B2B 101 course and apply it to the top SIC codes within PayTrace. Takeaways on this course include: […]

B2B 101 – Why Sell B2B?

Join us Monday, November 7 at 11 AM Pacific. ‘B2B 101 – Why Sell B2B?’ is the first course in a series titled ‘B2B’, and is an introduction to Business-to-Business (B2B) merchant processing and how it fits into the payment landscape. Takeaways on this course include: – Real market data on volume and retention for […]

Power30: Shifting PayTrace into next gear with Greg Castro

Our new president, Greg Castro, shares PayTrace’s next step in its journey of becoming the leader in technology and all things payments. We’ve led the field in B2B payments for the past 18 years, and by partnering with North American Bancard, we’re gaining momentum on our journey to be your best B2B full-service payments hub.  […]